No Sleep for Baby? A Sleep Coach May Help

Baby sleep consultants are popular and many parents report amazing results

More people are reporting amazing results using sleep consultants to quickly train their little ones to go to sleep on their own -- and sleep through the night.

The May family said their infant son, Pearce, has been depriving them of sleep for all of his short life.

"He wakes up and it's like 2 a.m., 4 a.m., 5 a.m. -- somewhere in that window -- and we're spending an hour-plus trying to get him back down," said his mom, Kyle. 

Jordan Honesto's story sounds almost identical when she describes the sleeping habits of her son, Jaxon.

"He was waking up at like midnight, 2, 4, 5, 6 -- I mean, it was terrible," Honesto said.

"I was drinking caffeine all the time, soda after soda after soda," Honesto added. "I felt terrible. We didn't want to cook dinner. We ate out. It affected everything."

And in the Ormand house, adorable Hannah kept her parents up so much they said they felt like zombies.

"Our marriage was suffering," said Hannah’s mom, Heather.

All three ultimately turned to baby sleep consultants for help. Coaches who teach families gentle sleep-training methods.

Mary Cantwell, a certified sleep consultant with Rest to Your Nest, said many couples are often embarrassed to ask for help when they can't get their child to sleep. Cantwell said parents may also not realize the long-term effects sleep deprivation can have on the entire family.

"Sleep deprivation is no joke," Cantwell said. "It's health; physical health,  mental health."

"Forty percent of childhood is actually asleep, so that tells you how important sleep is," Cantwell said. "It's where they download their information. It's where they grow. It's where they physically grow, mentally grow."

Cantwell helped the Ormand family, advising consistent bedtime and nap routines, blackout curtains and a white noise machine. Hannah's sleep habits took a dramatic turn -- for the better.

"It only took a week, two weeks, tops, until we had naps," said Heather Ormand. "But it only took a week for her to be sleeping in her crib and to be sleeping for 12 hours, through the night, by herself -- so it wasn't long at all."

Jordan Honesto found help for her family online and over the phone with Baby Sleep Site. Their personalized plan gave them precise instructions – even exact timing on when to pat and shush. In three weeks, he was falling asleep alone and sleeping through the night. He sleeps 12 hours a night and naps for two hours during the day. His development has skyrocketed and the entire family is happier.

Sleep consultant Kaley Medina of Live, Love, Sleep came to the May family's rescue.

After just two nights of using Medina's plan, Pearce started to sleep through the night. They made his room darker, took away all but one lovey in his crib, and added a white noise machine.

Sleep consultants in South Florida can charge as little as just over $200 -- even less if you do a group consult. Some services can climb to over $1,000 depending on what level of service and the back-up you think you need. Most people report paying few hundred dollars.

All of the services we consulted with have their fees posted on their websites.

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