South Florida

NOAA Updates Atlantic Hurricane Season Predictions With Increased Number of Storms Expected

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association issued an update to their Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast on Wednesday - and it is news that should put South Florida on notice.

NOAA included a higher likelihood of an above-normal season, increasing the probability from 45 percent to 60 percent. The updated forecast also increased the number of names storms to between 14 and 19 and the number of major hurricanes to between two and five for the rest of the season.

The prediction of five to nine hurricanes remains the same as the previous May predictions. NOAA mentions early-season storms as one indicator of the above-average second half of the season.

This, accompanied by warmer tropical Atlantic waters than previously thought as well as wind and air patterns,  looks to be conducive for tropical development. As we reach the peak of hurricane season, this outlook serves as a good reminder that we should be prepared for the next 112 days left in hurricane season.

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