Non-Invasive Procedure Promises to Sculpt Muscles, Shed Fat

"Without having a knife or even a needle poked in you, it's a nice option."

A new non-surgical procedure promises to give you a better body without the work and in half the time. It's called Emsculpt, and it uses a machine that's supposed to target problem areas you can't reach at the gym.

The company claims it's the first FDA-approved machine that can help you burn fat and increase muscle at the same time. Women and men are trying out the new technology to slim their waist, and even, lift their back side.

The Emsculpt machine uses electromagnetic technology, causing contractions in your abs or buttocks.

Doctors say the technology has been around for years, just not in this format. It's the same technology used in television remotes.

"Without having a knife or even a needle poked in you, it's a nice option," said Dr. Adam Rubinstein.

He says the machine produces a total of 20,000 muscle contraction in 30 minutes.

Berle Darbouze is a patient of Dr. Rubinstein. He went through with the procedure to help sculpt his midsection.

"It was just sticking out of my clothes, you could tell when I had my shirt tucked in and I had to breathe in so people wouldn't really see it," said Berle.

He says between school and work, it's difficult for him to find time to exercise.

"It definitely feels like I'm doing crunches," said Berle after a session.

He says the four 30-minute sessions have yielded the results he wanted.

"It's making the muscles squeeze tighter than you could ever do yourself doing exercise," said Berle.

A body scan from before and after the series of treatments show that Berle lost inches around his stomach.

"That's about three inches lost from before the treatment and after the treatment," Dr. Rubinstein described Berle's results.

Dr. Rubinstein says results vary, depending on a patient's body type.

"You can get anywhere between a 20% reduction of fat and a 20% increase in muscle mass," the doctor explained.

"The only downside I would say when you were done, it felt like you were actually working out. You feel it for like a day or two," said Berle.

Dr. Rubinstein says Emsculpt is not a replacement for going to the gym and adds that the results aren't as significant as when doing more invasive procedures.

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