Nonprofit Organizations Continue Relief Efforts Following Deadly Earthquake in Haiti

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As the death toll in Haiti continues to increase following the devastating earthquake Saturday, nonprofit organizations want to reassure the public they are doing their due diligence so that any money or items that are donated make it to those areas most affected.

Local organizations are collecting aid for the people of Haiti, but they are also working to make sure that aid reaches the people who actually need it.

Following the horrible earthquake in Haiti in 2010, billions of dollars of financial aid and donations were being sent to the Caribbean nation but some of it never reached the people in need.

“We must do different this time around,” said Dale Holness, a Broward County Commissioner. “We must see how we can make sure the aid reaches the people that need it.”

The Family Action Network Movement said their funds and donations will only go to 10 reliable Haitian organizations that have already laid the groundwork in Haiti and have a track record of doing good work in the country.

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