North Broward Preparatory Powered by STEAM Programs

They emphasize the fine arts at North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, with conservatory-level music programs, for a reason.

"In this day and age when kids are stressed and are thinking about college, having these outlets are really important," said the Head of School, Elise Ecoff.

As an example, Ecoff points to the dance program. It includes jazz, hip-hop, and classical ballet for all ages and features the high school state champion dance team.

"It teaches them a huge sense of responsibility, time management," said Lisa Anderson, the dance program's director. "A lot of them are dancing during the day here, they're also dancing after school with us and other studios, there's a lot of discipline that comes in being with our program."

With a Lower School starting with pre-K through 8th grade, and a high school featuring the entire range of AP courses along with the International Baccalaureate diploma, North Broward is basically the definition of an elite, private college prep school.

They field boys and girls teams in virtually every sport, including some that most Florida schools don't have, such as ice hockey.

The home of the Eagles also offers some unique courses, such as a three-year entrepreneurship program.

"So the idea is that not every student that takes the program will become an entrepreneur but that they will be able to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, this idea that they can tap into their creativity, become critical thinkers, collaborators, communicators," said course director Anastasia Hall. "And that they have grit and resilience."

Robotics also teaches kids some of those same skills. North Broward has seven teams, including the all-girls, underwater robotics squad.

"It's, what are those skills that are going to take them to college and beyond, so that they can be successful," Ecoff said.

They don't just prepare kids for college here, they give students a taste of what it's like to actually go away and live at college. North Broward Prep just opened a brand-new dormitory building. 300 students live in the dorm rooms, and they come from 24 different countries.

"They bring different cultures, different experiences with them, and that makes the classroom really rich and interesting," Ecoff explained. "They bring a global perspective."

Having this rich experience isn't cheap. High school tuition is about $30,000 per year, but with financial aid and scholarships offered by the school, soaring with the Eagles isn't just for the children of the one percent.

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