North Central Florida Burglary Suspects Arrested as Truck Bursts Into Flames

A pair suspected of stealing nearly $100,000 worth of property during a burglary in central Florida were arrested just moments before the truck they were in burst into flames.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, 31-year-old Natalie Kaiser and 30-year-old Lane Ravey broke into a home Sunday and stole cash, jewelry and coins valued at nearly $100,000.

The homeowner called authorities after his brother told him he saw the pair enter the home and drive off in a truck. The victim told police they followed the suspects, and that Ravey pointed a silver, revolver-style weapon - possibly a BB gun - at them.

Deputies located the truck and stopped the pair. During the traffic stop, deputies noticed that black smoke was coming from the truck.

As they secured Kaiser and Ravey, the truck burst into flames. Fire rescue teams arrived and put the fire out.

A report indicated that deputies found methamphetamine, a plastic bag of heroin, a glass pipe and remnants of marijuana on Ravey. Ravey also told deputies he'd swallowed five balloons of heroin just before he was taken into custody. He was immediately taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Kaiser was arrested and charged with grand theft and armed residential burglary.

It is not known if Kaiser or Ravey have hired an attorney.

Most of the homeowner's items were burned in the fire, but officials managed to salvage a few things - including a few coins, a motorized bicycle and two hats.

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