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North Miami Beach Restaurant Manager Says Someone Stuck a GPS Tracker on His SUV

“I have no idea why they put it on my car," says Kim Hong, the manager of Thai House II

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A North Miami Beach restaurant manager says surveillance cameras outside of his business captured a man putting a GPS tracker on his vehicle.

The footage shows a man bouncing a ball in the parking lot outside Thai House II Thursday night. Once the coast is clear, he is seen kicking the ball and then going underneath the car parked outside the restaurant.

A restaurant employee in a white car notices the strange behavior and zips around to confront him about what he was doing.

“The employee came back right away and said, 'Hey man, what are you doing to my friend’s car?' And he said, 'Oh, I’m just picking up the ball,'" said Kim Hong, the restaurant manager. "But my driver text me and say you might want to check under your car, there’s some suspicious guy that goes under your car.”

After Hong closed the restaurant, he checked under his car and found a GPS tracker.

Hong filed a report with North Miami Beach Police, who have also impounded the tracker.

Questions now arise of whether this was a private investigator or someone trying to commit a crime.

“I have no idea why they put it on my car, but the only thing I could think of is that they think I’m carrying the cash home. Nobody carries the cash anymore," Hong said.

The GPS tracker that was installed in Kim Hong's SUV

In Florida, it's illegal to install a GPS tracking device on a car without the owner’s consent. There are exceptions for a bank or company with a legitimate reason to track someone, or if it’s a marital asset and a spouse decides to track it.

It is a second-degree misdemeanor to put a GPS tracker on someone’s car without a legal reason.

Hong says he has no loans or infidelity issues.

“I don’t think the bank would do this to me because I don’t have any loans or things like that," he said. "Some people say it might be my wife or something, but my wife was laughing about it.”

Hong says he’s been on edge and has not been bringing his car to work since the incident.

“I still cannot sleep for the fourth night, and I feel like my privacy got taken away," he said.

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