North Miami Dog With “Courage” Recovering From Burning

He has been recovering at a Miami-Dade animal shelter for the past week

A dog is recovering after he was badly burned. Now, authorities are asking what happened to that dog, recently named "Courage."

His name was given to him when he arrived at the Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter a week ago. He was found at a home in North Miami by animal control thanks to an anonymous tip.

The burns on his back were much worse then than they are today.

"This is horrible because it's intentional. The dog is paying the ultimate price," Kathy Labrada with Miami-Dade Animal Services said. "He's in an incredible amount of pain. He is suffering quite a bit."

The doctor on staff concurred that Courage is in a lot of pain, and said he is underweight and showing some fear of people.

"I think his prognosis is good at this point. He needs some socialization, but I think some love and care will do," Chief Veterinarian Dr. Maria Serrano said.

A North Miami man, who doesn't want to be identified, told NBC 6 Tuesday that he found the Boxer outside his house. He said about 20 inches of his back was burned and bloody.

"I came out to play with my dog and I saw it curled up there against the wall. I went inside and got him some water and called animal control," he said. "I didn't know what to do. The animal looked really bad."

North Miami Animal Control said Edianise St. Fluer is the dog's owner. NBC 6 went to the address listed, but a woman claiming to be the property owner, who also didn't want to be identified, said the dog's owner wasn't home.

St. Fleur was cited for animal cruelty, but but Miami-Dade Animal Services said a criminal investigation is underway to find out what happened to Courage.

He made his way outside on Tuesday afternoon for the first time since last Wednesday. Miami-Dade Animal Services said it may take the 1-year-old Boxer another month to fully recover. He will then be ready for adoption, and on to a happier life.

"I think he's got the will to live and I think once all this gets healed, he's going to find a good home and have a happy future ahead of him," rescuer Sarah Leddick said.

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