North Miami Mayor Calls For Halt of Haitian Deportations

The mayor of North Miami is asking the White House to reverse a policy that blocks Haitian migrants from entering the U.S. at the border between Southern California and Mexico.

Mayor Smith Joseph held a news conference Wednesday announcing that the city council approved a resolution urging President Barack Obama to allow Haitian migrants to cross the border.

Last week, The Obama administration authorized the deportation of Haitians trying to cross the border near San Diego.

After the massive 2010 earthquake, the U.S. had been welcoming Haitian migrants based on the poor conditions on the island nation.

The White House now says the conditions have improved, prompting the crackdown on migrants crossing the border.

Leaders in the South Florida Haitian community are outraged.

"This is wrong. You cannot target a particular ethnic group and decide you are not going to let them in when thousands of ethnic people from other countries are arriving to this country and we are welcoming them with open arms," said Mayor Joseph.

The mayor says the conditions in Haiti are still awful and that migrants should be allowed into the U.S.

A copy of the resolution is being sent to the White House.

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