North Miami Police Chief Plans To Sue City Amid Department's Allegations

North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene has notified the city he plans to sue them to save his reputation in law enforcement and within the community.

Eugene and Commander Emile Hollant are being used as scapegoats in the shooting of Charles Kinsey, Brian Pollock, Eugene’s lawyer, said.

“All I know at this point is that I have two dedicated public servants [but] didn’t pull a trigger and they’re the ones that are fired,” Pollock said.

Kinsey, a behavioral therapist, was shot last July while he was laying on the ground with his hands up attempting to tell officers that his patient had a toy truck, not a gun as originally thought by police.

The city said Eugene lost overall control of the department, made questionable hiring decisions and participated in an effort to circumvent the Kinsey investigation.

Earlier this month, it announced plans to fire Eugene because of alleged inconsistencies in his sworn statements to IA investigators and Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

“The saddest part is now they are trying to come up with some unknown allegations,” Eugene said. “Any charge you are putting on someone that person has the right to defend himself.”

The city told NBC 6 that it stands by the decision and that it has yet to receive Eugene’s notice to sue. North Miami said it has made significant strides in training its officers to prevent a similar incident.

Pollock said that statement is accurate because Eugene was the one who implemented the improvements.

“I stood up for the community – especially the African American community – I say I will conduct a thorough and transparent investigation,” Eugene said.

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