North Miami Police: 3 Suspects in Custody After Chase, Car Crash Into House

A police dog tracked down one bloodied suspect in a backyard shed

All three suspects are in custody after a North Miami chase and car crash into a house, including one bloodied man who was found in a backyard shed by a Miami-Dade Police dog, according to police.

Leonard Johnson said he was welding with a shield on his head in his backyard at the time, so he didn’t know the suspect sneaked into his shed.

"This man, they pull him out of my shed. I have idea how he get in there,” said Johnson’s wife, Ceisel Johnson. “That’s just to show you you are not safe anywhere."

The chase began after North Miami Police undercover detectives saw a car speeding and tried to stop it, police said.

The car crashed into a house at Northwest 131st Street and Northwest 17th Avenue, with the driver pinned in the car, according to North Miami Police. After he was freed he was put into an ambulance, and a second suspect was also treated on the scene.

The third suspect fled before the dog tracked him down in the Johnsons' shed.

Police said they found drugs and an AK-47 in the car.

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