North Miami Smoke Shop Employee and Customer Foil Would-Be Robber

Kayla Seaks and a man known as Owen helped fight off the robber, who tried to steal money

A North Miami smoke shop employee and a customer fought back and foil a would-be robber's attempt to steal money from the register.

North Miami Police said that on Aug. 18, a man in his early 20s walked into the Laughing Buddha on Biscayne Boulevard, just before closing time.

Kayla Seaks, who has only worked there for two weeks, says she was immediately suspicious.

"He came in with his hood up and I found that kind of suspicious," she said. "When he put his hands on the counter he was like shaking. And I also found that suspicious."

Seaks and one of her regular customers, who she knows as Owen, fought back when the suspect demanded she open the register.

He had his hand in his pocket gesturing like he had a gun.

Security cameras recorded the whole incident as the suspect became violent and started pushing Kayla to the ground. Owen jumped in to help. The video shows the whole though all of the pushing and manhandling, Seaks continually tried to dial 911.

At one point, Owen had enough , turned, and begins punching the suspect until he ran for the door.

Police were called and in the end, the suspect didn't get away with anything. Nevertheless, police have more evidence against the person who matches the description of a suspect who has knocked off several other North Miami businesses.

Anyone with information is urged to call  Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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