Cruise Ship Rescues 6 Sailors in Atlantic

Norwegian Star cruise ship rescued six people on a sailing yacht Tuesday. The sailors made a call to the US Coast Guard after losing their rudder and ability to steer the vessel.

Six people aboard a sailing yacht that had lost its rudder and steering ability were rescued in the Atlantic Ocean by a nearby Norwegian cruise ship Tuesday morning.

The yacht Avenir had departed from Bermuda two days earlier and was en route to Bristol, Rhode Island, when it ran into trouble.

At 8 a.m., officials aboard the Norwegian Star cruise ship responded to a call from the U.S. Coast Guard alerting them of a distress signal received from nearby.

The Norwegian Star was calculated at 54 nautical miles away from the sailing yacht. The Captain of the cruise liner, Kenneth Harstrom, responded immediately.

The Norwegian Star reached the Avenir at 12 p.m., safely bringing the three men and three women aboard. The rescue only lasted about one hour.

All Avenir passengers and rescue team members are safe.

The cruise liner, which left from New York City, is scheduled to arrive in Bermuda on June 27 as planned.

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