Girls Turning Duct Tape Creations Into Cash

Young South Florida entrepreneurs turn duct tape into pretty accessories

Call it the lemonade stand of the 21st century. Three young South Florida girls have turned something you find in the garage into a small business.

Lexie, Mori, and Hailey, ages 10, 11, and 12, are the CEO's of Duct Duct Goose Designs.

Five months ago, the three best friends discovered that they could make gifts entirely out of duct tape.

"People thought it was weird that we made stuff out of duct tape," said Hailey. "And then they realize, it's actually really cool."

But this is not your father's silver roll of duct tape. The girls buy colorful tape and make products like wallets, pencil cases and hand bags.

"People didn't know how we make everything," said Mori. "They thought it was really unique. They liked it."

Like any adult entrepreneurs, these kids created a catchy name for their company and a website: (which they created all by themselves).

Their parents do provide some support with rides to the store and money for supplies, but Hailey, Lexie and Mori do everything else, from pricing out items to marketing.

So far, they've sold almost $300 worth of duct tape gifts. Their buyers are mostly friends, family, teachers and classmates. They keep detailed records of all their sales and how much money gets spent. So far, their biggest purchase -- Justin Bieber T-Shirts.

In fact, they even have a duct tape design dedicated to their favorite singer that says, "Bieber Fever."

This isn't the girls' first business plan. Their first two ideas involved beaded jewelry and paper products, but both failed. They have high hopes for Duct Duct Goose Designs and want to open up a kiosk at the mall one day.

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