Novecento Co-Founder Hector Rolotti Missing in India

Indian officials are searching for Rolotti after he jumped into the Ganges River to save a woman who fell over.

The co-founder of one of South Florida's most popular restaurants is missing.

Indian officials are searching for 47-year-old Hector Rolotti, the Chief Executive of Novecento, after he jumped in the Ganges River to help save a person, but never came out.

Novcento is a staple in Brickell and it is such a tight knit community that a lot of people have already heard about what happened to Rolotti. Many in the community are calling him a hero.

"I was shocked," said customer Daniella Rodriguez. "He was just doing a good thing you know and he was very young and the fact that he passed away doing a good deed is just so sad."

The owner of the Argentine restaurant and his wife were on a spiritual retreat in India with a group of about 30 people, but the trip came to an abrupt end.

Rolotti and a group of people were standing at the banks of the Ganges when a woman fell in and was swept away by the current. Six men, including Rolotti, jumped in to save her. She was eventually saved and all of the men but Rolotti made it back to land.

His wife is now headed back to the United States where Rolotti has three children.

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