Nude Woman Found Crawling Up Busy Street: Cops

Keys woman told deputies she was on cocaine binge during naked crawl

A Key West woman is facing charges after she was arrested twice in three days in separate naked, drug-fueled romps on public streets, according to police.

Alena Larrazabal, 32, was hospitalized after she was found stark naked crawling down a busy Stock Island street Monday afternoon by a couple of deputies, according to a Monroe County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Police say an incoherent Larrazabal was meandering on her hands and knees as cars swerved to avoid hitting her. At one point, she rolled on to her back and spread her legs before continuing her crawl, the report said.

As the deputies tried to get Larrazabal out of harm's way, she began to fight with them. With the help of some paramedics, they were able to get her strapped down to a stretcher, and she was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

When she became more coherent, Larrazabal told the deputies she'd been on a weekend-long cocaine binge, the report said. Larrazabal is facing charges of disturbing the peace and criminal mischief, the report said.

Two days before her Stock Island arrest, Larrazabal was arrested in Key West in a similar incident, according to a Key West Police report.

Police say they were responding to calls of a nude woman causing a disturbance in a restaurant parking lot shortly after 7 a.m. when they came across Larrazabal, identified that day as Alena Larrazabal Capiro, according to the report.

Police say a naked Larrazabal struggled with deputies who were trying to take her into custody, kicking and spitting at them until she was finally put into the back of a patrol car, the report said.

The officers found a bag with Larrazabal's clothing and purse, and say they found a plastic baggie with a small amount of marijuana, the report said.

When they questioned her, Larrazabal told the officers she'd been "smoking crack all night," the report said.

Larrazabal was released into the care of the Lower Keys Medical Center staff.

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