Number of Crashes up at Red Light Camera Intersections Across Florida: Report

A new report from the state of Florida shows an increased amount of crashes at intersections across the state that have red light cameras installed.

According to statistics from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles posted in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, total crashes were up slightly more than 10 percent at the nearly 150 intersections across the state.

Officials evaluated the intersections before the cameras were installed and afterward. While collisions involving cars running red lights were down, there was a rise in rear end collisions as well as crashes involving injuries and death.

Members of both the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Senate have introduced legislation to eliminate the remaining cameras across the state by 2020 – saying they are more about making money than public safety. Currently, drivers are fined $158 for red light camera violations.

There are currently red light cameras left in four cities in Broward County and 16 in Miami-Dade County.

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