OAS Opens Arms to Cuba

After a 47-year suspension, the communist nation gets to rejoin the international equivolent of the Get-Along Gang

Despite protestations from anti-Communist activists and a 47-year exclusion, the Organization of American States has voted to lift the suspension of Cuba from the group during a general assembly session in Honduras today.

The island was ousted from the OAS in 1962 over its ties to Communist Russia, but over the past few years several Latin countries have voiced their support for once again including Cuba in the group.

Though it's a historic measure, the vote doesn't mean Cuba will be immediately allowed back into the OAS. They'll have to comply with conventions on human rights and other issues before they're let back into the organization.

"This is a moment of rejoicing for all of Latin America," Ecuador's Foreign Minister, Fander Falconi, told reporters after the general assembly session.
Both Fidel and Raul Castro have been vocal in their opposition to the OAS in the past, and both have said they have no interest in rejoining the group.

Several activists, including one-time Castro Rebel Army officer and now Miami resident Huber Matos traveled to Honduras to oppose the country's inclusion.

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