Obama Vs. Romney: The Election at Your Local 7-Eleven

7-Election, the unscientific poll targeting coffee drinkers, is counting votes based on cup color

American voters planning to cast a ballot in the 2012 presidential election are now being polled by their local 7-Eleven.

Seven-Election, the unscientific poll targeting coffee drinkers, is counting votes based on cup color. Customers who select a blue cup support President Barack Obama. Those who choose red favor Mitt Romney.

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Hialeah Gardens store manager Hector Duval said his customers are playing along.

“They know exactly what it is,” he said. “They come straight to it. There are commercials on radio and TV about it and they come straight for it.”

On Thursday, Obama led Romney 55 cups to 42. The convenient store, which set up a website to track the votes throughout the United States, declared the incumbent was also leading the race nationally, 60 percent to 40.

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The two politicians created a stir in social media after Wednesday night’s presidential debate, which was watched by almost 70 million people and tweeted about by more than 11 million.

Crowdwire, a social media tracking project, found the debate to be the fourth most tweeted telecast of any kind, behind events including the Grammy awards and the Super Bowl.

Another media firm, called Peoplebrowser, also compared debate statistics. It said Romney won the debate, pulling in 47,141 tweets mentioning his name with the words ``win” or “winner.'' Obama and “win” or “winner” was tweeted 29,677 times.

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