Caught on Tape: Ocala Police Seek Serial Classroom Stoop Pooper

Man caught on tape is suspected of leaving feces on same school classroom stoop at least five times -- and sometimes, with a note

Police in central Florida are hoping to identify a man caught on surveillance video defecating on a middle school classroom stoop -- for at least the fifth time.

In at least two cases, Ocala PD spokesman Chas Maier said, the man left a note alongside the feces.

Ocala police officers set up the video sting after four reports in September of feces being left on the front steps of portable classroom 469 at Ft. King Middle School.

School officials reported on Thursday morning that the serial pooper had struck again, and police retrieved surveillance video of a seemingly clean-cut white male carrying a roll of toilet paper up the portable steps and doing, well, what comes naturally -- but in a very unnatural place.

"You can see in the video he appears to be a very clean-cut, normal-looking guy," Maier said. "But you never know what's going on in his head. We don't know if he suffers from mental illness or something like that."

Investigators are not releasing the nature of the notes left alongside the feces, but Maier expects more to be revealed once the man is apprehended. For now, he says, there is no obvious link between the suspect and the school.

While defecating at crime scenes isn't unheard of, according to Maier, he says it is unusual -- and circumstances like these he finds "very disturbing."

"I've been police for 28 years, and I've never had a case like this," he said.

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