Woman Steals Squad Car, Crashes Into Officer: Miami Police

Update: The woman has been identified as Catalina Solis-Trejos, 25. She has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of resisting arrest, one count of tresspassing, and one count of grand theft of a law enforcement emergency vehicle.

An officer was in the hospital being treated for minor injuries after a woman crashed into his police vehicle after stealing another police vehicle in the City of Miami.

The incident happened in the area of Northwest 29th Avenue and 7th Street around 11 a.m. Friday.

According to reports, police were called to the scene amid reports the woman was running in and out of traffic. When officers arrived, the woman was on top of a building was threatening to jump. An officer coaxed her down, after which she jumped down and commandeered the officer's cruiser.

The woman drove away and crashed into a second police vehicle, injuring the officer.

"As he exited the vehicle trying to assist her, she jumped off of the roof and entered his vehicle, put it in drive and took off," sand Frederica Burden with Miami Police.

After crashing, the woman ran off, but didn't get very far. Police tackled her to the ground a block away and then rushed her to the hospital. She was bleeding, not only from the collision, but after getting cut while hopping over a fence.

The officer was treated for minor injuries.

Police are testing whether the woman was on drugs during the incident. Her name has not been released.

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