Officer Shoots Dog After it Attacked Police Horse: Police

A Miami Police officer shot and killed a dog Tuesday afternoon after the dog allegedly tried to bite a police horse.

According to Miami Police, the mounted officer was on patrol inside Domino Park when the incident happened. Police said the officer moved the horse to avoid the dog, but the dog began to follow him and then bite the front and hind legs of the horse. The cop then got off the horse and shot the dog.

A witness named Carlos Cordova, said the incident started when a man carrying the dog when the dog leaped and began biting the horse’s legs and pulling on the legs. Cordova said the cop got off the horse and shot the dog twice.

“The horse was kicking and since it was kicking, the dog put it’s teeth against the foot,” said witness Jacory Rivas. “And then after there was a fired shot. And after the fired shot the dog’s mouth was all bloody. And then it came here and now it’s dead.”

Police said the horse, named Sara, was taken to the Miami Police stables and had "deep injuries to a front and hind leg."

Miami Police said the dog has no owner and may have been a stray dog. The breed of dog has not been released.

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