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FBI Searching for Suspect of Armored Truck Robbery in North Miami Beach

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The FBI is searching for a man who robbed an armored truck Friday at a Wells Fargo bank in North Miami Beach.

The robbery happened at around 4 p.m. at the branch at 147th Street and Biscayne Boulevard.

FBI Miami released surveillance video showing the moments when shots were fire outside of the bank.

FBI agents said the man in the video robbed an armored truck courier while he was servicing an ATM. They confirmed the man stole a cartridge containing thousands of dollars. 

“There were shots fired by the courier,” said Special Agent Michael Leverock with FBI Miami. “It appears he may have been hit, the robber. He then gets in a blue Honda Civid, as the driver of that Honda Civic, and drives away.”

The FBI also provided a photo of that Honda and the Florida license plate on it: PZZ K67 

Leverock said the robber did have something in his hand when he walked up to the courier, but it's not clear what that item was. 

“There was more than one shot,” said Leverock. 

Robbins Breton works in the same shopping center where this happened. He heard the gunshots. 

“It was like a loud bang followed by an echo,” said Breton. “It all happened very quickly. I heard three gunshots.”

He looked up just in time to see the robber take off. 

“I saw him running back to his car. I didn’t know if he was hit, if he was shot, but he left very quickly. He was out of here in five seconds," he said.

One of those bullet shattered the window of a dental practice across the parking lot from the ATM.  

“I’ve never seen this around this area. People are getting desperate,” said Breton. 

Now the search is on for the man in the surveillance video and the car he got away in. 

The FBI telling us it’s not clear whether that man was acting alone. 

“We don’t know. I know he drove. I know he got into the driver's seat. I don't know if there’s anybody else in the car.”

Anyone with information about this case or any FBI investigation is urged to call 754-703-2000.

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