Officials Remind Keys Residents to Obtain Hurricane Re-Entry Stickers

Monroe County officials are reminding residents to obtain their re-entry windshield stickers for their vehicles as hurricane season approaches.

Officials say the stickers are needed in the event that checkpoints are required to assure safe re-entry to the Keys following a destructive storm.

According to officials, residents will not be allowed to pass through re-entry checkpoints without these stickers. Those who don’t obtain them in advance will be delayed in getting back into the Keys.

Residents can obtain one sticker for each vehicle registered in their name. Residents are required to provide a proof of residency to obtain a sticker, like a driver’s license or a utility bill.

The stickers are color-coded based on whether you live in the Upper, Middle or Lower Keys for re-entry.

To find out where you can register to get these stickers, click here.

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