One Person Injured Following House Fire in Coral Gables

A South Florida family is facing a smokey mess after their home caught fire the night before Easter Sunday.

The incident happened Saturday evening at a home in Coral Gables on Southwest 43rd Ave.

"We saw the flames, by that time, it was more like smoke was coming out, but the fire wasn't coming out completely," said one witness.

"The resident had already evacuated himself from the property, and we did have one resident with some injuries," said a spokesperson for fire rescue.

That victim was taken to the hospital, and they are expected to be okay.

"The smoke was coming out so heavily from the residence that we had to evacuate the street and get everyone out of the smoke. We also had some power lines starting to come down," said a spokesperson for fire rescue. 

Fire crews turned off power to the block, as a proactive measure, but the power has since been restored to the neighborhood.

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