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Ongoing Relief Efforts in South Florida as Haiti Death Toll Continues to Rise

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As the U.S. Coast Guard works to transport injured earthquake victims from southwest Haiti to Port Au Prince, South Florida is mobilizing to get aid to the Caribbean nation.

New video shared by a local Miami pastor shows the moment the massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck just before 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

Philippe Martil, who arrived at Miami International Airport late Monday, said he was in Haiti during the quake.

“When we went outside we see everything shaking,” Martil said. “Everybody was scared you don’t wanna lose your life.”

Organizations across South Florida are now coordinating to make sure those affected by the tragedy in Haiti receive the aid they need to survive.

At the Global Empowerment Mission in Doral, they are preparing to ship $1.4 million worth of supplies to Haiti.

“This entire wearhouse will be filled. We will send 20 containers next Monday,” said the president of Global Empowerment Mission, Michael Capponi.

Their biggest concern right now is safety.

Haiti was already reeling from the brazen assassination of its president last month, intensifying gang violence, an out of control pandemic and a spiraling economic crisis.

“The situation is a hijacking issue. You have gang members who try to a hijack truck or try to steal it,” Capponi said. “You don’t know how it’ll go down until you’re on the ground.”

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