Police Interviews Detail Shooting of Parents in Front Of 5-Year-Old

Hector Garcia, the man accused of shooting his ex in front of their 5 year old son is awaiting trial but NBC6's Jamie Guirola exclusively obtained police interviews that reveal more about the alleged attempted murder.

In March, right after the shooting, Mike Garcia, Hector's five year old son, said "thats why i was crying in my house. because my mom was bleeding bleeding a lot"

But now we're hearing from his Mike Garcia's mom and her boyfriend. Both allegedly shot by 59 year old Hector Garcia. They survived the attack. Montejo describes to detectives the moment a bullet hit her.

Montejo said, "In the chest. Right here. Boom. And what I saw my air went (gasp). I like...it was hard to breathe, you know? And I was walking and I told my sister, Lily Lily call the ambulance call the ambulance! Hector shot me! Hector shot me."

NBC6 exlusively obtained recorded police interviews. Montejo paints a picture of a crazy and enraged ex that is out for revenge.

Montejo told detectives, ”He said ‘Now you have to be careful. I’m gonna be 24 hours watching you. Everywhere you go I’m gonna watching you."

The night before being attacked Garcia allegedly showed up at Montejos house and was abusive-- warning her hed back

Montejo said, ”And from that day he acting weird , acting weird, and acting weird. That day, that Saturday, he said, me and Abey, he said gonna kill us.”

Montejo says he lived up to his promise. The next day, she and her boyfriend were changing the locks when they say Garcia stormed in-- and in front of his 5 year old starting firing.

Abraham Rodriguez, Montejo's boyfriend who was also shot, said, “He comes in , tells her, 'i told you i was coming'. Shoots her (cough). She says, she says 'dont do that to him' and then he shoots me.”

Montejo said, ”I heard something. I heard something like ‘I want to kill Mikey. I want to kill Mikey.’ Y, I said, (gasp) and I was telling my sister (gasp) ..call, call the ambulance please...and he wanted to kill him.”

Garcia is charged with two counts of attempted murder.

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