Oops! You're Not Free After All

Deputies mistakenly set a man free from jail only to rearrest him a day later

Sweet freedom for one Clearwater man was fleeting indeed.

Authorities rearrested Auddis Chicandi Mouzon, 26, on Thursday just a day after Pinellas County sheriff's deputies mistakenly told the man he was free to go.

If this were Monopoly, would he be able to keep the $200 he collected for passing Go?

Mouzon has an extensive arrest history that includes theft, drug charges and aggravated battery, but this time he could truly say he was arrested for nothing. 

Deputies tracked Mouzon to a friend's apartment in Clearwater. Mouzon probably knew he was on borrowed time and was taken into custody without incident.

Pinellas County officials didn't say how or why the mistake occurred, but the situation is under review.

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