Opa-locka City Manager Fired at Heated Meeting

Opa-locka's city manager was terminated at a heated emergency session of the city council Tuesday.

Officials voted 3-1 to fire Steve Shiver, who spent less than 90 days as Opa-locka's city manager. Assistant city manager David Chiverton will serve as interim city manager.

Shiver said he had found financial irregularities and poor accounting in the city and had notified the governor's office to seek assistance from the state.

Mayor Myra Taylor said she couldn't work with Shiver, and said he violated the city charter by contacting the governor's office without their knowledge. She said it amounted to a breach of trust.

"When the manager Mr. Shiver first came to the City of Opa-locka, it seems that he set out to expose everything that we are doing wrong, everything that is wrong with the city, we didn't do this, didn't do that, put it all in writing and passed it on and the first person he passed it on to was the state," Taylor said.

Shiver said he was following the law which states he has to contact the governor's office, and said the city breached its contract. He added that he plans to pursue all legal options.

"The obligation is on me to report that to the state. She indicates that she didn't know about it. She knew in fact Mr. Kelly put on the record several times they knew about it," Shiver said.

Tuesday's session became heated at times, with some residents shouting at officials about the state of the city.

"We're tired, the citizens are being beat down, drained. The whole nine yards," resident Natasha Ervin said.

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