Opa-locka Police Major Arrested for Alleged DUI

An Opa-locka Police major was placed on leave after he was arrested for an alleged DUI over the weekend, officials said.

Maj. Peter Cruz was placed on administrative leave of absence after the DUI arrest in Aventura, Opa-locka spokesman David Chiverton said Monday. It's unknown if Cruz has hired an attorney.

According to an arrest report, the 56-year-old Cruz was arrested early Sunday in the 19900 block of W. Country Club Drive.

Cruz was driving a silver Ford pickup truck when he drove through an intersection and crashed into a wooden fence, the report said.

After the initial crash, Cruz drove through trees and shrubs on the outskirts of the Turnberry Resort and Golf Course, the report said.

Officers responded to the scene and found Cruz, who "appeared extremely uneasy on his feet" and didn't answer when he was first asked if he was alright, the report said. He he was asked a second time, Cruz replied that he was fine, the report said.

Cruz identified himself as an Opa-locka police officer and said the truck was his police vehicle and a rental, the report said.

According to the report, an officer who was speaking with Cruz detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, as well as bloodshot watery eyes and a flush face. Cruz also swayed while standing and stumbled when he tried to walk, the report said.

Cruz refused to perform field sobriety tests and would not give a breath sample after his arrest, the report said.

After Cruz was placed in a holding cell at the Aventura Police station, he stripped completely naked and fell asleep, then urinated in the cell, the report said.

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