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Operator in Broward Bus Shooting Honored With Medal of Valor

Gwendolyn Whitfield steered the bus to safety when a gunman opened fire inside, killing two

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The bus driver who was praised for her quick actions when a gunman opened fire on a Broward transit bus last month was officially honored by county leaders Tuesday.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Gwendolyn Whitfield was overwhelmed with emotion when she was presented with the Broward County Medal of Valor and thanked by leaders for her heroism.

It’s been nearly three weeks since Whitfield drove a Broward County bus filled with passengers when police say Jamal Meyers opened fire, shooting four people and killing two.

In a split decision, Whitfield went against traffic, driving the bus straight to the Fort Lauderdale Police station.

"I want to thank the officer who happened to be there by the grace of God, because if he was not there, who knows what would have happened," Whitfield said.

The arrest report stated the suspect shot 12 rounds, reloaded, then fired another nine rounds on the bus.

Police say Gregory Campbell Jr. and Danny Colon were shot and killed.

"I’m sorry that even happened. I will never understand why it happened," Whitfield said.

Hours after the shooting, police at the scene said more people could’ve died if Whitfield didn’t think fast.

Whitfield has been a bus driver with Broward County Transit for nearly 10 years.

With her family and dozens of community members by her side, she says she’s just grateful she survived.

"Broward County comes together when it’s time to, and I’m proud to be a part of Broward County," she said.

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