Organization Called Moms For Troops Packs Care Packages for Soldiers

This batch of packages are headed to soldiers in Afghanistan

For Judy Smith, every day is Independence Day. Packing care boxes for military members abroad is her monthly patriotic duty.

"We normally pack about a thousand packages every month," said Smith, president of Moms For Soldiers.

The latest batch is headed for Afghanistan, though Smith can't reveal exactly where.

"There are kids over there that don't have anyone from home supporting them, and we try to fill that need," she said.

Smith's own son is in the U.S. Army, and while many Moms For Soldiers have children in the Service, not all do.

Liliana Epstein was just looking for a way to serve. "A little bit of a calling," she said.

Volunteers stuff stationery, toiletries, candy, and Girl Scout Cookies in brown boxes.

They even add handwritten notes from young children.

"I think it's just wonderful," said Dolores Radcliffe, a volunteer who admits she often gets choked up. "God bless them," she said.

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