Jason Parker

Organization Reunites Pembroke Pines Families With Missing Pets

When 4 year old Peanut went missing, his Pembroke Pines family immediately tried searching for their beloved family member.

“He does have a collar on him with his phone numbers, but we didn't get any texts or calls to the number. So, we went to Pooches In Pines,” said his owner, Larry Diaco.

Within 24 hours flyers were up and the word was out, leading to this happy reunion. But it's not the same story for every furry friend.

“We have about an 80 percent reunite rate. We have re-homed or reunited about 1,500 dogs in the six years that we’ve been open,” said Tracy Calvino from Pooches In Pines.

Pooches In Pines is a nonprofit animal assistance program that works alongside the Pembroke Pines Police Department. The founders are department employees who are also animal lovers.

“Some of us work here at the police department, some of them work outside of the police department and come after their jobs and walk and feed the dogs,” Calvino said. “We have some retired people that come during the day so we have round the clock coverage because we can't do it all. But we do have a great team of volunteers and we're always looking for volunteers.”

But for pets that can't get reunited, they're put up for adoption. If you’re interested in a new family member or want to help the organization out, check out their website by clicking on this link.

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