Organized Crime Ring Targets Unsuspecting Women To Swipe Identities, Steal Cash: Miami-Dade Police

The organization is believed to be operating out of Fort Lauderdale

A South Florida organized crime ring continues to target unsuspecting women stealing identities and thousands in cash, police said.

Miami-Dade Police detectives are investigating an organization believed to be operating out of Fort Lauderdale.

Police said the organization last struck July 12 at a Miami-Dade County park on Southwest 152nd Avenue. Thieves broke into a car and used the identification and checkbook stolen from one victim and the identification from a second victim to defraud them of roughly $2,000.

Police said the suspects use the license from victim 1 and write a check for cash from victim 2. The organization will recruit a female suspect who looks like one of the ID pictures. According to police they head to the farthest drive-through lane of a bank for victim 2.

"She will go to the farthest lane, which ironically bank tellers are calling ‘felony lane’ because you're not close enough for the teller to get a good look at who you are,” Miami-Dade Police spokesman Det. Roy Rutland explained.

Detectives said it’s a national problem and they've been in contact with agencies from around the country. Investigators from Texas contacted Miami-Dade Police about a fraudulent check cashed in the Lone Star State. The check belonged to a Palmetto Bay, Florida victim.

The vehicle break-ins have happened at county parks, daycares, and local gyms where the crooks know the women will be away from the cars for a period of time.

If you recognize the suspects in the security video, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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