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Out on Bond, Accused Sex Criminal Strikes Again, Police Say

A man who allegedly posed as a police officer is suspected in at least eight attacks on women he called over to his black Dodge Charger for sex.

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A Miami Gardens man who posted bond last month after being accused of attempted sexual battery is back in the Broward jail Thursday -- this time without bond -- facing sexual battery, kidnapping and armed robbery charges.

In both cases, police say, he posed as a police officer to coerce sex from his victims.

Police in two counties suspect 28-year-old Rasheed Mondesir has preyed on at least eight women. He allegedly picked up women off the streets before claiming he was a cop, and then, in some cases, raped and robbed them.

His latest arrest comes two months after a woman told Hollywood police he attempted to rape her and called her over to his car in a sub shop parking lot on US 1 just before dawn and asked for sex.

When she got into the car, the woman said he claimed to be a police officer and threatened to take her to jail unless she gave him oral sex.

After he failed to produce a badge, she kicked him in the groin and tried to flee the moving car, according to police, but she was unable to get clear of the accelerating black Dodge Charger. The rear tire ran over her leg, breaking it in two places, the reports say.

Using surveillance video and a license plate readers, Hollywood police tracked the car to Mondesir in Miami Gardens and arrested him weeks later on charges of attempted sexual battery, felony battery and impersonating a police officer.

Circuit Judge Nina DiPietro set a bond totaling $25,000 on those charges. The arrest warrant stated: "It should be noted Mondesir is suspected of being involved in five additional incidents involving a black male operating a black Dodge Charger committ(ing) robberies and/or sexual assaults within various Broward County jurisdictions."

He posted bond but a few days later was at it again, police say -- this time raping a woman and robbing her afterward at gunpoint.

"It is essentially the same allegations as this case," prosecutor Eric Linder said. "He allegedly picked up a woman on the street, got her into his car advised her he was a Hollywood police officer and forced her into sex acts."

Linder asked Mondesir be held without bond this time, in part because -- by allegedly using a firearm in the robbery of his latest victim -- he faces a possible life sentence.

Citing his previous arrest and adding Mondesir is also suspected in another similar incident in Miami-Dade County, Linder said, "Obviously, to say the least, the state has great concerns for the safety of the community."

Even Mondesir's attorney didn't dispute that at Thursday's court appearance.

"No argument, judge," he said. "I spoke with him. I told him he’s not getting out."

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