Owl Burrows Hole on Cruise Ship Golf Course

Owl tried to set up shop on cruise ships mini-golf course

Owls love holes, so what better place to set up shop than a golf course headed for the Caribbean?

That might have been the thinking of a speckled owl that tried to hitch a ride this weekend on a cruise ship leaving Fort Lauderdale for a seven-day trip (not that we speak owl or anything).

Naturally, the bird, which is protected by state law, caused a delay for the Oasis of the Sea docked at Port Everglades on Saturday. But who gives a hoot about upset passengers when there is a stowaway owl on deck?

Florida Fish and Wildlife crews were called in to capture the owl and relocate it to a more suitable home.

It apparently decided to try and nest on the ship's miniature golf course. Like they say in nature, nesting is all about location, location, location.

"Never in my 25 years with the FWC have I seen anything like this, and I have responded to some strange calls," FWC's David Bingham told the Sun-Sentinel.

The burrowing owl would have had a hard time making the course its home because its made of AstroTurf, officials said.

The owl was released near Markham Park in Broward, where it will have all the holes it can choose from.

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