Owner of Thin Dog Held Without Bond on Unrelated Charges

Officials said D'Anthony Davis resisted arrest by hiding in his bedroom as his girlfriend blocked the door with her infant.

A man scrutinized for keeping a rail-thin dog outside on a leash is being held without bond on charges unrelated to his pet.

D'Anthony Davis, 23, was being held at the Broward County Main Jail after being arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Polk County for charges including oxycodone possession.

At a Friday bond hearing, Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley said Davis resisted arrest by hiding in his bedroom while girlfriend Sherene Walker, 22, told officers he wasn't home.

Walker allegedly held her child up towards officers in an attempt to block them from entering the couple's bedroom.

According to Hurley, when officers finally reached Davis, they told him they were going to place him under arrest and he responded by saying, "You and what army?"

"I guess it wasn't a big army, but they got him," Hurley said in court.

The judge denied Davis bail. Walker is being held on $1000 bond on child cruelty charges.

Animal rights group 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida found the warrants and gave them to Fort Lauderdale Police. The group posted a photo of the dog on their Facebook page earlier this week and it went viral, leading several members to demonstrate outside the couple's home.

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