Owners On the Hook for Chained Pets

A new law makes it illegal to leave your pet chained while you are away

When you get ready to take that vacation, better make sure to pack Fido (or Fi Fi) a bag because you can't leave your pet chained at home alone anymore.

County commissioners have passed a new law that hits pet owners with a $500 fine if a pet is left on lock down while the owner is away. Commissioners, probably responding to the endless number of E-mails from Pomeranians and manicured poodles who have been left behind by their supposed "best friends," signed the order to go into effect in April.

The law isn't just reserved for dogs. Alligators, Bengal tigers and iguanas are all treated as equals victims under the law. 

First time offenders will get a warning. Do it twice, get docked for cruelty and a $100 fine. Any more naughty owner behavior and expect 500 clams to be deducted from your bank account.

So isn't it just cheaper to bring your pampered pooch along for the ride?

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