Pair Arrested in Miami Abduction and Extortion Case May Have More Victims: Police

Police trying to identify man who may have more information on case

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Police are trying to identify a person who may have more information and more possible victims after a man and woman were arrested last week for their involvement in an abduction, extortion and attempted murder case in Miami that led to a man being bound with chains and forced to make an admission of infidelity.

Marie Jocelyne Dorsainvil, 52, and Occius Dorsainvil, 56, were arrested last week in connection with the Dec. 28 incident, Miami Police officials said.

According to police, Marie Jocelyne Dorsainvil had contacted the victim and asked for a ride to her apartment, which the victim agreed to do.

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Occius Dorsainvil and Marie Jocelyne Dorsainvil

When they arrived at the apartment, she convinced the victim to come upstairs, where the victim was tied up at gunpoint by Marie Jocelyne Dorsainvil and Occius Dorsainvil, police said.

The victim was held against his will for three days as the suspects tortured him and demanded cash and his car title while making several threats to shoot him, police said.

He was also ordered to rehearse and record a statement in which he admitted to cheating with the suspect’s wife. The pair also allegedly told the victim if he went to the bathroom, they would make him eat it. If he didn’t, they threatened to shoot him.

On Dec. 30, the victim agreed to sign his vehicle title over in exchange for his freedom. The victim was coerced to drink a bottle of contents he believed to be a mixture of an alcoholic beverage and bleach.

About 20 minutes later, the victim opened his eyes and the suspects were no where to be found, so he took the opportunity to run for help.

Miami Police and Miami Fire Rescue responded and the man was brought to University of Miami Hospital where he remains undergoing treatment.

The two suspects were identified by robbery detectives and arrested last week. Both face charges of kidnapping, armed robbery, extortion, and attempted murder.

Detectives believe the suspects may have victimized more people, and are looking for a man who may have more information on the case.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 305-603-6370.

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