Palmer Trinity Tops Scheck Hillel on Miracle Play

Last month, America witnessed one of the most stunning finishes in college football history, when Michigan State stole a win from Michigan in the final seconds on a mishandled punt.

On Thursday in Miami, the exact same thing happened in a game between Palmer Trinity and Scheck Hillel.

Hillel scored a touchdown to take a 15-12 lead in the final two minutes. Then, with about 30 seconds remaining, they intercepted a Trinity pass.

The entire team celebrated thinking they had just won the game. All they had to do was down the ball three times and run out the clock.

Hillel’s coach was overheard saying "That’s game." But Hillel was called for a delay-of-game penalty. Even still, a journalist covering the game for the South Dade News Leader said it was over.

Then, with about 10 seconds left on the clock, Hillel set up to punt. The snap was bad, the punter couldn’t handle it. The ball flipped into the air and was grabbed by a Palmer Trinity player, who zoomed into the end-zone for a game-winning touchdown.

Palmer Trinity won the game 18-15, in miraculous fashion by “Michigan State-ing” the punt. The victory also clinched the Florida Independent Football Conference Championship for the Falcons.

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