Miami Police Searching for Man Accused of Abducting Sons

Police said Saturday they found two children who were reported missing after they were abducted by their father.

Zakaria and Collins Gotay, ages 4 and 2, were found Saturday, police said.

Officials weren't clear on where they were found or if they were in the custody of their father, Zak.

The abduction happend Friday at 441 NE 37th Street, the Miami Police Department said.

Zak had been accused last summer of domestic violence by the boys' mother, police said. Her bid for an injunction was dismissed when she failed to appear in court. Another charge of domestic violence in 2015 was also dropped.

In 2013, Gotay was also charged with felony battery involving the boys' mother, including two counts of child abuse, but those charges were dropped to misdemeanors.

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