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Parents Arrested in Miramar for Neglect After Hungry, Filthy Kids Found in Car

George and Ciara Detezanos are charged with neglecting their three children, records show

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Three hungry, filthy children were found in the backseat of a vehicle and their parents could barely stand up, so police said they arrested the impaired parents and brought in child protection investigators.

Police said the children, who were in a 2003 Chrysler, couldn’t remember the last time they ate food, hadn’t showered in at least five days, and were sleep deprived.

The family was in the parking lot of the Miramar Parkway Plaza at 3190 S. University Drive in Miramar about 8:30 a.m. Aug. 1 when officers answered a 911 call from a bystander, police said.

According to their arrest reports, George Daniel Detezanos, 45, of Margate, and Ciara Michelle Detezanos, 35, of Pasco County, struggled to stand up and had slurred speech.  

Broward Sheriff's Office
Ciara Detezanos and George Detezanos

Ciara Detezanos told officers she bought and used cocaine but believes it was fentanyl. There were several pill bottles within reach of the children in the backseat, the report stated.

She also said her husband had trouble staying awake to watch the children while she was seen dozing off cutting the same pancake repeatedly for 30 minutes, police said.

The three children’s stories matched, during police questioning.

They said their parents went to a “friend’s” house while they were made to wait in the car. After an unknown amount of time, their parents came back acting funny.

Ciara Detezanos was bleeding from her head after hitting it on a table inside the house. She also ran over George Detezanos’ foot and he also struck a mailbox while driving the night before, police were told.

A records check revealed Ciara Detezanos was arrested in Pasco County for kidnapping and a judge had ordered her to have no contact with her children.

Both parents remained in the Broward County Jail a week later for child neglect without great bodily harm on bonds of $1,500 for George Detezanos and $17,500 for Ciara Detezanos, records show.

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