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Police Locate Missing Coral Springs Twin Sisters

The 12-year-old twin sisters who vanished from Coral Springs Tuesday are back at home Friday morning, police said. 

Rickhia and Nicollette McClam were found at their godmother's residence in Pompano Beach overnight Friday, police said. They were believed to have been there the entire time they were missing.

The mother of the twins was beside herself Tuesday in New York, wishing she would’ve stayed in South Florida after visiting this weekend.

"I should've stayed, I should've stayed," said Natonia Dutes, the twins’ mother.

Investigators say the 12-year-old sisters ran away from their home Tuesday morning, after an intense argument between their parents over the weekend. Their father, Rickey McClam, has full custody of the girls and made a plea Thursday for their safe return.

"I want them to know that, you know your dad loves you very much, more than anything in the world. I wouldn't do anything to harm you; everything I do is for your benefit," said McClam.

Investigators said the girls left a note at their father’s house saying they were running away. They took off with clothes, money and iPods, but no cell phone, making them difficult to track.

"I just want you home with me, so please Rickhia and Nicollette, you know your father. I need you home; I need you with me," McClam said.

Coral Springs detectives initially suspected their mother manipulated the girls into leaving, although a check of her New York home revealed they were never with her. Still, they suspect her family members in Broward and Palm Beach counties might have been hiding the children.

Checks of family members’ homes hadn't produced any hints as to where the girls were. Police said the girls told their school counselor and a resource officer Monday they were thinking of running away, but a spokeswoman for Broward County Schools denied that there was any discussion of the girls running away in that conversation.

"I spoke to them and the cops spoke to them, I didn't think they'd actually get up and run away," said Dutes.

If family members were hiding the twins, they could face criminal charges.

The father had been offering a $1,000 reward for information on where the girls are that brings them home.

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