Parents of Teen ATV Chase Suspect Appear in Court on His Behalf

Parents are paying the price for troubled teens. The parents of three boys who allegedly threatened a victim with a gun and then fled from police, faced a judge on behalf of their children Thursday.

A judge found probable cause for the teen who led police on a pursuit that lasted at least 30 minutes.

"The court believes it to be appropriate for him to remain in secure detention. Your son will remain in secure detention," Judge Orlando Prescott said during the hearing.

The 16-year-old who led police on an off-road chase in Southwest Miami-Dade will spend at least two more weeks in a juvenile detention center.

The arrest report shows the incident began at South Dade Park when three teens confronted a male. It states one of them brandished a firearm and all three then fled on ATVs after a witness called 911.

"These are the allegations made, that your son intentionally crashed his ATV into the police car," Judge Prescott said.

The two ATV riders who were arrested a short time after allegedly fleeing from the park will be released on home detention. The judge scheduled a probable cause hearing and said he needs more information on the specific actions both took.

An arrest affidavit from the Homestead Police Department shows the teen who led police on the pursuit faces the most charges. According to the form, he was riding a stolen ATV and was already on probation for armed robbery.

On June 29, the state will review the case to determine whether the teens will be charged in adult court.

In the meantime, the teens have been ordered to stay away from the victim they're accused of threatening.

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