Parents, Students Fed Up With Delayed Repairs at High School

A South Florida high school is in need of some TLC. The school is falling apart, despite having had money to make repairs.

Parents are now concerned about what the students will find once they head back to class.

The school's community is fed up. 10 years ago they were supposed to get a new school. Five years ago they were promised major upgrades.

The Sun Sentinel documented up close the crippling conditions at Stranahan High School.

The roof is in disrepair and there is mold in the walls. There's also a number of electrical and safety hazards; deplorable conditions even Broward County School District administrators acknowledged at an informational meeting on Wednesday.

The problem isn't new, and neither are the complaints. The second oldest school in the district was supposed to get a new everything 10 years ago. That never happened, but it did for other schools.

Ellen Laven is an English and debate teacher. This is her 16th year at Stranahan, where she worries more about safety than schooling.

"That's my first concern as a parent and as a teacher. I go to the school and then to another school and there's no comparison, from the mold on the walls to the tiles falling apart to little rat droppings all over."

Students said the pool needs a fix and the track and field are outdated.

Last November, voters approved a bond that would pay for some of the repairs.

The school said facility upgrades will be complete by 2017, but parents really thought they would have already happened by now.

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