Broward County

Parents Voice Frustration Over Bomb Threats to Schools

After three bomb threats at two Broward County schools, the school board and Pembroke Pines Police tried to reassure parents at a meeting Monday that safety is the top priority.

“We have not found anything suspicious,” said Captain Al Xiques of the Pembroke Pines Police.

The meeting between two school board members, Pembroke Pines Police and parents came after a bomb threat was made against West Broward High School and two bomb threats at Silver Trails Middle School.

Police said after each threat, including the one that forced the evacuation of West Broward High, they have made sure the schools are safe for students and faculty.

“I have to be worried about it,” said parent Sabrina Deleon, “really scared when I send my child to school, wondering if this is real or if it’s just a prank.”

Other parents said to have this many threats, so early in the school year, is upsetting.

“I think it’s an absolute disgrace,” parent Sarah Calderbank said. “Every day we send our children to school, at the moment, with all this going on, am I ever gonna see my kid again is the thought I have every morning.”

Parents and others also said the numerous threats and the problems they bring are a disruption to learning. Still, school officials said they are able to take the problems from the threats in stride for the most part.

“It is a disruption to the day, but we’ve been very lucky in that we’ve been able to resume our normal learning very, very quickly,” said Tracy Clark of Broward District Schools.

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