Uber Driver Who Picked Up Gunman Before Parkland Attack Testifies

Pictures of the rifle the gunman used were also shown to the jury for the first time

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The Uber driver who unknowingly drove the confessed Parkland school shooter to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High before he carried out the massacre testified on day six of the gunman's trial Monday.

Laura Zecchini picked up Nikolas Cruz after 2 p.m. on Feb. 14, 2018, from where he was living with a family of a friend.

"He told me he was going to music class, and that's all," Zecchini told jurors.

She drove Cruz to MSD in under 15 minutes. She noted that Cruz spent much of that ride talking to someone on the phone.

Records from Uber show his drop-off location was at the east side of the school.

The defense also asked Zecchini if the gunman appeared nervous or anxious — she told them yes he did, at least to her.

During the drive, Cruz carried with him what Zecchini thought was a guitar case. But it was a rifle bag, and inside was the AR-15 semiautomatic weapon Cruz used to kill 17 and injure 17.

Jurors saw the murder weapon and the bag that carried it for the first time on Monday, along with hundreds of casings and live ammo.

Crime scene investigators also testified about a vest that was left behind by the gunman — the vest was designed to hold magazines packed with cartridges.

The gunman had dozens of live rounds remaining even after firing 139 times.

Nikolas Cruz's bag
The rifle

Jurors also saw more photos of the scene of the massacre, including gruesome shots of the deceased victims.

Meanwhile, Justin Colton, the last of the 17 survivors, told jurors about the injuries he sustained during the attack four years ago.

Colton, a freshman at the time, was in English class in room 1216 when he heard the gunshots. He got hit in the arm and lower back as he tried to run to the back of the room.

He told jurors that to this day, he still has fragments in his back and can't do certain motions while exercising.

Four students in Colton's class died that day.

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