Part of Venetian Causeway to Close for Repairs

Part of the causeway's westernmost side will need to be replaced.

The Venetian Causeway, which connects Miami to Miami Beach, could soon be closed for repairs.

Structural issues on the westernmost side of the causeway mean that side of the bridge will need to be replaced.

Miami-Dade County engineer Antonio Cotarelo said the construction project would shut down access to that side of the bridge for six to nine months.

"The actions we have taken on these bridges is being done with an abundance of caution," he said. "We need to make sure the bridge remains safe."

Last month, a public bus heading to Miami Beach created a 4-by-3-foot hole in the bridge. Since then, weight restrictions have been implemented and public bus service over the bridge has been temporarily suspended.

Some commuters said the project is a nightmare for those who work just a quick bike ride away from the Venetian Isles.

"I just live there, and with my bicycle I go work there, just above the bridge," said resident Oliver Dubois.

It also means the other 11 bridges that make up the historic Venetian Causeway would only be accessible from the east from Miami Beach.

Drivers would have to use alternatives like the MacArthur and the Julia Tuttle Causeways to get around.

The project is still in the planning phase, so it's unknown when the repairs would begin.

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