Bad Storms Down Trees, Cause Flooding in Broward County

Residents throughout Broward County woke up to a mess Thursday morning after the area was hard hit with storms Wednesday night.

Parts of Davie and Pembroke Pines in particular saw downed trees, overturned outdoor furnishings, and even patio furniture flung into pools.

The National Weather Service said based on the damage, which mostly consisted of broken branches, this was definitely the work of a tornado.

"The direction in which some of the branches were snapped off gives us at least a hint as to which way the wind was blowing and if you see a circular pattern of damage, that's what clues us in that this was a tornado on the lower end of the tornado scale," said Robert Molleda with NWS.

Surveillance video from a home in Davie captured footage of the strong winds tossing lawn furniture and a large grill into the family's pool.

NWS issued a flood watch for coastal and metro Broward and Miami-Dade that was extended through Friday evening.

Street flooding was reported throughout Broward Thursday, including multiple locations in Oakland Park and Davie.

"It's pretty much drying up now, but the neighborhood kind of gets like this every once in a while. For the most part, it's just living here," said John Charpentier of Oakland Park.

FPL was reporting more than 4,000 power outages. Thursday morning, that number was down to 1,200.

A tornado warning was in effect Wednesday night in Broward County. NWS said spotters reported seeing funnel clouds. No injuries were reported.

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