Paul Ryan Campaigns With Carlos Curbelo in South Florida

In an effort to hang on to as many Republican congressional seats as possible this November House Speaker Paul Ryan paid a visit to South Florida Wednesday to stump for Congressman Carlos Curbelo.

The politicians visited Caribbean Elementary in South Miami-Dade where they discussed Curbelo's push of the English Language Learners Program.

"So I'm here to learn about how right here you've made the successful education reforms so that you can put young people on the road of upward mobility," Ryan said.

At one point, they visited with students before heading to campaign offices to thank Curbelo volunteers.

"This is your country and your future that you're here fighting for and you are fighting for the right man," Ryan said.

Ryan told the group to forget about what they see on TV and Twitter and to think about the ideas. He left without answering reporter questions.

Curbelo turned one answer into a shot at his opponent, Joe Garcia, when asked about a rigged election and wide-spread voter fraud.

"We don't believe that. We believe in the integrity of our elections," Curbelo said. "However, everyone knows that my opponent's campaign has been convicted of federal crimes and state crimes so it is a very serious issue in our community."

Curbelo shied away from offering opinion on whether Donald Trump turned the election cycle into a circus but called both presidential candidates "the most unpopular in American history."

He was also asked if he'll support his party's candidate on Nov. 8.

"My position on the presidential campaign has been consistent for a very long time and it's not changing today," Curbelo said.

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